Press Releases

26th March 2024 – PR-Toll-Charges-WEF-01-04-24

8th February 2024 – PR-Linking-Tolls-to-CPI

21st December 2023 – Free travel on Christmas Day for Sandbanks Ferry passengers

21st March 2023 – Toll charge from 1st April 2023

27th February 2023 – Sandbanks Ferry returns to service

6th February 2023 – Sandbanks Ferry return to service update

9th December 2022 – Sandbanks Ferry refit update

15th November 2022 – Sandbanks Ferry refit – Important update

2nd September 2022 – Sandbanks Ferry announces refit dates

1st March 2022 – Sandbanks Ferry announces Toll charges from 1st April 2022 to 31 March 2023

16th February 2022Sandbanks ferry announces end of ticket sales

2nd February 2022 – Sandbanks Ferry customers dig deep for the RNLI

22nd December 2021 – Sandbanks Ferry announces new charity partner for 2022

29th November 2021 – Sandbanks Ferry announces major mechanical improvements

15th November 2021 – Sandbanks Ferry announces appointment of new Managing Director

12th May 2021 – Future of Sandbanks Ferry Service Secured By Successful Toll Application

23rd March 2021 – Sandbanks Ferry Passengers Dig Deep For Dorset Mind

16th March 2021 – Sandbanks Ferry Extends Discounts for Bulk Purchases of Car Passes

24th February 2021 – Sandbanks Ferry announces timetable for return to normal service hours

15th December 2020 – Sandbanks Ferry announces 2021 charity

10th December 2020 – Sandbanks Ferry submits revised Toll Application

9th November 2020 – Sandbanks Ferry unveils new green commitment for ferry users

3rd November 2020 – Sandbanks Ferry commits to maintaining service throughout November lockdown

12th June 2020 – Sandbanks Ferry announces health and safety measures for return to service for foot passengers and cyclists.

15th May 2020 – Personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff members to use once the ferry returns.

17th April 2020 – Service withdrawn following Government announcement on continued COVID-19 ‘lockdown’.

9th March 2020 – Sandbanks Ferry Company announces toll increase application

12th December 2019 – Sandbanks Ferry Company will be offering free travel to all passengers on Christmas Day this year.

30th October 2019 – Return of the chain ferry to full service.

18th October 2019 – Sandbanks Ferry on track for end of October return as final parts are fitted.

13th September 2019 – Sandbanks Ferry Company says passenger safety must be a priority for any interim ferry plans.

21st August 2019 – Sandbanks Ferry Company meets with local MPs to discuss plans to return chain ferry to service.

13th August 2019 – Plans to return the chain ferry to service during October 2019.

30th July 2019 – The Sandbanks Ferry was withdrawn from service on Friday 12th July.

16th November 2021 – Sandbanks Ferry announces appointment of new Managing Director.