Bridge Advert boards are the boards on the railings on the top deck of the ferry.

We essentially rent the space to you, and you provide your own advertising board. The boards are now all a standard size, although very occasionally there are some half- sized board spaces at half the cost. If you are interested in these please enquire about their availability.

There is no fixed contract to advertising on the ferry, but we invoice from April to April each year and should you choose to cancel your advert during that period, we do not issue refunds. If you are joining us part way through the year, we will issue an invoice – usually with a few weeks free to get your board made up – that runs to the following April. The boards are removed during refit periods, and the rental amount is discounted from the next years invoice but is not refunded if you choose not to continue advertising, your board would just be left in place on the ferry for a further amount of days equal to those that we were out of service.

Please note that we do not run customer credit accounts. All invoices are issued with a due date marked clearly in red and any invoice not paid by that date will automatically have the board removed and the space cancelled and re-issued to others on the waiting list. We do not issue reminders and will return any late payments. We do not make any exceptions, you would have to re-join the end of the waiting list if you wished to advertise again. Once your board is removed you have 30 calendar days to collect it, with two days’ notice or it will be disposed of.

Boards are approximately 1m high by 0.85m wide, which will mean that the space for your artwork is smaller – please check with the supplier of your board for exact dimension before organising any artwork.

We can supply you with the name of a local company who make up boards for some of our other advertisers – we are not affiliated with, nor guarantee these companies.

Indy Signs: 01202 287186
BCP: 01202 717535

If you choose to use another sign maker, please contact us for further details on the board as for safety reasons we are very severely restricted as to what we can fix to the ferry railings.

Boards can be removed (with two or three days’ notice) at any time for you to collect and take away if you wish to update your advertising boards.

Current cost for advertising is £540+vat per annum. (Nov 2022)

Spaces issuing currently: Only full-sized spaces are available. We may have spaces available if you would like one now.

If you’d like to join the waiting list, please email us on providing the following information:

Company Name:
Contact Name:
Contact Telephone No:
Contact email address:
Email address for invoicing:

All the above makes it much easier to contact you when a space becomes available, and by giving the information you agree to us holding your data for this purpose only at the moment, and for invoicing and contact purposes should you chose to go ahead with renting a space.

Please contact with any queries, or to join our waiting list.