2022/11/15 – Sandbanks Ferry Refit – Important Update

The Sandbanks Ferry Company has announced today that the ferry arrived in Falmouth on Sunday for the planned refit. Unfortunately during the tow from Poole to Falmouth the ferry suffered severe damage to the southern end prow. The exact cause is currently under investigation and findings will be released when they are available.

The additional work to repair this damage will have a major impact on our completion date and will significantly delay our return to service which we anticipate will not now be until the New Year. We will update our webpage and social media as soon as we have more information.

Sandbanks Ferry Company Managing Director Jason duToit commented “We apologise to all our customers for the inconvenience this will cause and share their expected frustrations. Although for legal reasons we are unable to go into any detail we can confirm that today a letter has been issued to the tug company holding them fully responsible.”