2020/11/09 Sandbanks Ferry unveils new green commitment for Ferry Users

The Sandbanks Ferry Company (SFC) is today announcing a new commitment to reducing
the ferry’s future carbon emissions in light of the Government’s target to get greenhouse gas
emissions to net zero by 2050.
As SFC makes plans to safeguard the future of the ferry service between Sandbanks and
Studland for future generations of passengers, it is also now ensuring that it will, as far as
possible, lower its carbon footprint as a key part of this plan.
To meet this priority, SFC is today making a public commitment to carry out ongoing robust
investigations into emerging environmentally-friendly alternatives to diesel propulsion for the
replacement of the Bramble Bush Bay, which is due to be ordered in 2032.
Currently, Naval Architects do not believe there is a viable non-diesel alternative drive
system available on the market and the costs of unproven emerging technologies are an
unknown. However, as and when alternative power sources become available, SFC will
continue to evaluate their viability and sustainability. These alternative power sources will
include but not be limited to electric, hydrogen and biofuel.
Speaking today, Mike Kean, Managing Director of the Sandbanks Ferry, said: “The
Sandbanks Ferry is already one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport in
Dorset, saving customers more than 9 million road miles every year. However, we know that
we can all do more, and today’s announcement signals our public commitment to looking at
ways to reduce our carbon footprint even further when we come to replace Bramble Bush
“We are committed to continuing to serve the residents of Dorset and beyond well into the
future, and we want to make sure that in the future we can offer a service that is as green as
possible too.”
This new commitment follows ongoing close consultation with local stakeholders through the
Sandbanks Ferry Community Liaison Group and is being made as part of the Ferry
Company’s current toll increase application. Toll increases are an important part of the Ferry
Company’s prudent financial management and they secure the future safe and reliable
running of the current vessel, the Bramble Bush Bay. Alongside increases in efficiency, cost
savings and the commitment from the Directors not to pay dividends to the owners until the
ferry replacement fund is topped up, sound financial planning also ensures that a
replacement ferry – ideally a more environmentally-friendly one than the Bramble Bush Bay
– can be purchased, when it is judged necessary by the Company’s Naval Architects.
SFC has not had a toll increase approved for any class of vehicle fare for over 5 years, and
over 10 years for foot passengers and bikes. In addition to funding a future replacement
ferry, a small fare increase will help to keep pace with rising operating and staff costs.