2020/02/04: Sandbanks Ferry Ticket Card (SFTC) is launching

Sandbanks Ferry Ticket Card (SFTC) is launching ON Tuesday 4th February 2020 The new Sandbanks Ferry Ticket Card (SFTC) will be launching on Tuesday 4th February 2020. This will be the new way to buy books of tickets, which will be called PASSES. Passengers will still be able to pay by cash at the Toll Box for individual crossings.


The SFTC enables you to purchase Passes online without pre-ordering at the Toll Boxes or visiting the Ferry Office – making it quicker and easier than ever before to manage your ferry travel.

1. Pick up an SFTC at the Toll Box, free of charge. These will be available to collect from the day we launch. You will need this card to buy passes once the online system has launched.

2. Create an online pre-payment account; the link to create your account will be published on the ferry website (sandbanksferry.co.uk) and social channels as soon as the system is live.

3. Register your card to your pre-payment account. Please note that you can only register one card to each account. If you need more than one card, you’ll need to register a separate pre-payment account for each additional card.

4. Securely purchase your passes online once you have created a pre-payment account and registered your card to it.

5. Each time you travel, present your card at the Toll Box. A pass will automatically be debited from your pre- payment account.

Here are some important things you’ll need to know:

1. Passes are valid for 2 years from the purchase date, are non-refundable and non-transferable. Passes are used in the order they are purchased.

2. You can also purchase passes at the Toll Boxes (as well as online) which will be added to your pre-payment account. To do so, you’ll need to register your card online first and bring it to the Toll Box.

3. As with bulk tickets currently, you can buy batches of 10 or 50 passes for a car, van, HGV or coach. Passes will not initially be available for bikes or foot passengers.

4. Please try not to store your card with your mobile phone, as the magnetic strip may be damaged and cause the card to stop working.

5. At any point, you will be able to check how many passes you have left and their expiry dates through your online account.

6. If you do not have enough passes on your card when you present it at the Toll Box, you can pay the standard toll price for travel or buy some more passes to add to your pre-payment account.

7. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, you can pick up a replacement card at the Ferry Office for free. There is an admin charge of £5 (Inc. VAT) to transfer any unused passes to your new card.

8. If your card is lost or stolen, please email us on lostcard@sandbanksferry.co.uk with your name and card number us as soon as possible so that we can block your card from future use.

9. Paper book tickets will only continue to be available for a short time once the SFTC is launched. If you do not have internet access and are unable to get a family member or friend to register an SFTC for you, please visit the Ferry Office where we can do it for you.